IM014 - Resketch - Reason for a Reason EP

by Resketch



Liverpudlian Ste Burnett, under the moniker Resketch, is an up-and-coming heavyweight of the UK bass music scene. For his Infinite Machine offering, "Reason for a Reason", he doesn't pull any punches.

The opener "Numf" is a bubbling spectacle of expertly juggling rave memorabilia. As the vocal cuts repeatedly and brokenly chant "I just wanna dance!", metallic rave stabs set the mood for the flurry of analog bass-scapes to lurch through, while a frenetic melange of grime, post-bahton and UK funky beats propels the track forward. "It Could Be" is a healthy serving of piano-/diva-house, with a side-dish of heavy, purposeful beats, acid seasoning, and an aftertaste of balearic nostalgia. The title track is a sexy and rushed kick drum workout, leading into funked-out euphoria and and oblique rhythmic finale. Notably, there is a persistent dotted/triplet feel to the pulse of the tracks, keeping Resketch in line with the subtle sound that pervades the freshest tunes in UK bass music today.

On the remix side, Framework turns "Reason for a Reason" into an imposing display of future beats, driven forward by a back-and-forth of neuro basslines and incessant percussive rattles. Utilizing the vocal cuts in a much front-and-center and glitched-out way, it evokes potent gynoid sensuality. For his remix of "Numf", Liar eschews his usual dark, emotional histrionics and blends together four of his loves: electrofunk, trap, Night Slugs/Fade To Mind aesthetics, and Romanian manele (google it). The end results is 4 minutes and 20 seconds of abject shamelessness, with the heaviest of beats, cone-ripping bass, copious maximalism, firearm samples galore, and the manele sample going (in an approximate translation): "I've been, I am, and will always be the boss of big money. It is known that I'm always a step ahead of all my foes."


released November 5, 2012


all rights reserved


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