IM015 - Troy Gunner - Masks​/​The Valley

by Troy Gunner



Bath's resident prodigy Troy Gunner, having previously cut his teeth with a trilogy of EPs charting leftfield UKG, post-dubstep, and funked-out seemingly-Moog-driven bass jams, joins the Infinite Machine fam with a singular take on dub techno.

The "Masks/The Valley" 12" evokes warm currents of hope hovering above desolate, urban sonic scenery. "Masks" unapologetically makes use of the complete definitive dub techno toolset, being driven by a unrelenting yet gentle 4/4 kick, awash with abyssal dub chords. A left turn is taken when it comes to composition, however... the chord progression is in perfect balance between wistful melancholy and untethered euphoria, with Troy cleverly borrowing from trance in his use of filter cutoff to softly lean more toward one or the other. The vocal cuts depart from usual contemporary trappings of either going helium or deepthroat... instead, they are very human, sparse and elegantly understated.

On the flipside, "The Valley" aims to be an outstanding DJ tool, with a consistent percussive workout, drenched in chilling dub pulses every other bar. A profoundly autumnal, goosebumps-inducing number.

Eyes closed, ears at peak receptiveness for this one. Sweet dreams.


A1.- Masks
B1.- The Valley


released January 14, 2013


all rights reserved


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