IM018 - 123Mrk - Noname EP Remixed

by 123Mrk

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iLEADYOU Francouz, pochází z Marseille. Jeden z nejprogresivnějších Future garage stylu nebo werky derky post dubstep, montreal, uk garage a bass!!! Známé trio jako je Kidnap kid, B-ju a 123 Mrk pro mě znamenají víc než pokrok. Tak bych se rád dostal k desce, kterou pojmenoval Noname Remixed ep. Vyšla na Jaře minulého roku a pro t,kteří neznají, skrývá víc než málo inspirace a čerstvejch xilofoních melodií a bohatejch perkusí. Dejte si k večři třeba zábrus do Trapu s vokálama, jak ho neznáte.


This spring, as a tribute to fantastic Frenchman 123Mrk's breakout debut on Infinite Machine, the "Noname" EP, we've proudly put together a hefty, ecletic collection of remixes from peers and fans of the efferverscent post-dubstep innovator.

The eponymous track first gets the Framework treatment: a wistful yet energic dense percussive workout. Then, Pixelord spins it into a playful, arp-driven future beats number. Heblank focuses on the original's house elements, and repurposes them as the basis for heavyweight, rave-piano-driven 4/4 banger. Resketch seemingly takes the same initial route, but his take on a house re-imagining is of a more chilled-out, deep and balearic persuasion.

"Unrest" is updated to 2013 hit status via Arapaima's faithful, emotional and uplifting trap edit. Seapoint applies his signature stop-start beats dynamic on his take, creating an indefinable, next-gen, quirky and murky bass music banger. Liar, curveballing as usual, employs the talents of piano experimentalist Parachute Pulse and samples one of his own signature tracks to create a metallic, spacey, lo-fi esotech cover. Dub wizard Troy Gunner molds "Unrest" into a contemplative, hypnagogic finale for the release.

"Pleasure" explodes under Obey City's touch into a genre-obsolete, exuberant fusion of nostalgic synthwork, sci-fi sound design, and ravey, energizing breakbeat. ViLLΛGE brings his impeccable pop sensibilities to his faithful take on the original, perfecting it into the urgent, slighty trapped-out anthem of this relase. M.Constant, on the other hand, warps it nearly beyond recognition into a sexy melange of bluesy, vocal-driven warehouse techno and UKG. Herr Johann goes the future garage route for his take on it, but eschews the lamentable gloominess oft-associated with the genre, instead opting for thoughtful optimism and an irresistably immersive atmosphere on top of the woodblocks.

"Invisible Colors", in the deft hands of Deft, becomes a vibrant post-footwork roller, replete with retrofuturistic synth washes and bubbling arps. TOTTE takes the track into UKG-revivalist territory, utilizing insanely catchy, soulful vocal cuts, talking percussion, and an unbridled sense of fun. Druid Cloak's signature "Broked-n-Cloak'd" approach infuses his remix with a psych-folky, magical quality. Fresh from the grove.


released April 29, 2013

Mastered by : Liar


all rights reserved


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