IM029 - LTD Colours - In Between

by LTD Colours



Continuing Infinite Machine’s UK club takeover, LTD Colours contribute the murkiest of the murky for our latest entry … which is odd, considering the hard-hitting duo (comprised of Riccardo Baldoni and Federico Nosari) are from Milan. Their extensive background in jungle and drum & bass production, however, explains their unwavering allegiance to Commonwealth pirate radio sonics. Operating in between that and the Italian scene’s penchant for turning bass music on its head, it’s no wonder their EP is titled “In Between”, and it’s no wonder it’s as liminal as they come.

Opening track “Underline” initially teases one with some luscious Kathy Brown vocal cuts before exploding into a fragmented, spacious, syncope-heavy riddim beyond compare. “Sweet Treats” retains much of “In Between”’s stylistic leanings, opting however for a much more aggressive edge, a riveting sense of urgency and a use of the flanger so masterful that it reminds one how sorely the humble flanger has been heretofore missed in modern club music. “In Between” is the nowadays-obligatory-for-any-UK-club-release 130-bpm jungle number – however, it manages to eschew any of the oft-abused trappings of the trend through a very tasteful and sparse use of jungle breaks and a surprisingly four-to-the-floor, functionalist backbone. Moving forward, “Extortion” is a submerged, atmospheric club tool with some absolutely transcendent junglist chord intermissions. Closer “Some Kinda Woodstick” is an adventurous mélange of gutter house, slow-mo juke decoration and heyday dubstep LFO riddims - hinting at some of the Milanese pair’s extracurricular affairs.

Limited colours… unlimited rinse potential…


released March 23, 2015

Artwork by Marco Fabri.


all rights reserved


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