IM048 - Distal - Reebok Blood

by Distal



With his ability to toe the line between moody club music and experimental sound design, Distal seemed an appropriate and welcome addition to the Infinite Machine camp.

The inaugural track 'Reebok Blood' starts out with a thick, plodding, reverb-heavy canvas for the rest of the composition to splatter it sounds upon. Sudden bursts of distorted kicks, chimes, water, and ambient noises guide the way into a beautiful array of emotive choir melodies. The penultimate of the track adds an aggressive out of control lead synth that acts more like a guitar solo than a synthesizer jam. The hungry synth sounds like its angrily eating away at the core of the track before slowly backing away when it's had its fill. 'Reebok Blood' is emotional, and at times you feel as if you're floating fast through an immense object minutes before its explosion. At the end you're miles away watching it disintegrate into nothingness.

'Hostage Track' is a nice accompaniment to the opening track as it sticks with the dark themes explored in the opener. 'Hostage Track'starts out with a mystic, almost halloween inspired bell melody paired with a low end baltimore kick pattern. In classic Distal style, a chopped up hip hop vocal rides on top of a wave of filtered snares until it explodes into a large chapel room where the bell has simplified itself into one long hit. Surrounding this rounded mix is a variety of angular glass breaking fx that contract and expand themselves randomly. 'Hostage Track' adds a slightly more conservative (dj-friendly), but highly effective dynamic to the release without losing any of its creative power or originality.

Words by Distal.


released October 28, 2016

Artwork by DMNC
Mastered by Cyrcular Mastering


all rights reserved


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