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IM087 - Max Dahlhaus - Short Morrow

by Max Dahlhaus

Auflösung 05:31
KYTOS 03:52
Hard Riot 03:35
O=C=O 05:03
Gamete 02:14
Aether 04:56


Berlin based artist Max Dahlhaus grabs our attention with 'Short Morrow', his latest album on ‘Infinite Machine’, which is not only a view on life at the moment through the artist’s eyes, but a shout-out to everyone who is listening to see that change is inevitable.

Max’s third album is a collection of thoughts on society and the way we navigate this digitalised world while being observed by technology every step of the way.

Many sounds on 'Short Morrow' were recorded by Max during quarantine in 2020 in the empty streets of Berlin. "There weren't many people outside, but the all surrounding energy of what humans are was still there.", Max explains, when asked about the creative process.

His wanderings through the streets of his city took him to experience places that usually were filled with life and motion from a completely new perspective. "I had time to think about all the years that had passed and explore what I felt in exactly that moment. 'Short Morrow' represents my inner dialogue about different aspects of our digitally connected society and the life around it.", Max recalls and explains that "Electro magnetic fields are not visible, but they are recordable. For days I collected those sounds during the first lock down in the empty streets of the usually so quirky streets of Berlin."

The audience can follow Max’s explorations on the album, listening to the atmosphere shifting from experimental to rather clubby, and then back to sentimental in a blink of an eye. Sometimes it might give you the feeling of being lost, while the next track gives you a feeling of being hunted. The sound of the omnipresent electromagnetic waves in our life trails thought the whole album and gives it a dystopian undertone, which makes ‘Short Morrow’ an eyewitness record of the here and now, but also a tale of a possible near future.


released March 26, 2021

Artwork by Max Dahlhaus
Mastered by Fausto Mercier


all rights reserved



Infinite Machine Mexico City, Mexico

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