IMSL13 - Heblank 1411 - Beheaded

by Heblank 1411



French bass experimentalist Kevin Houston, or Heblank, after a handful of appearances throughout the IM catalogue as a remixer or one-off compilation member, finally joins Infinite Machine’s ranks with a single release of his own.
„Beheaded” is a curious beast. An ever-growing, incessant full-frequency barrage of pulsing bass and offbeat hihats, it doesn’t even as much as invite melody into its midst until the 5 minute mark, and even then covertly - meandering pads creating atmosphere and pitched rimshots flurries providing additional complexity. Numerous textural incidentals line the full near-9 minutes of the track, and a submerged vocal bellow punctuates key moments, setting the oppressive tone of the track. This is the sound of seasickness.
XS’ remix wrangles the original firmly into warehouse techno territory, employing a lo-fi approach to off-kilter sound design that only serves to bolster the murkiness. PEEV’s remix smacks of Perc Trax strategies, ramping up the vertigo and claustrophobia via mechanistic repetition and structure and an unbridled urgency in the percussion. Fellow Frenchman my.head’s remix is the well-deserved respite and release after three tracks of eardrum flexing – dark yet dreamy, it glides its wistful bassline alongside a repeated snippet of the original’s vox, intermittently erupting into woodblock-ridden garage segments that fully render what is seemingly a faded memory of euphoria.


released July 15, 2013

Mastered by: Liar
Artwork by: Borealis/Jesse Somfay


all rights reserved


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