IMSL17 - Pixelord - Tumblr Girl

by Pixelord



Tumblr Girl is a single release previous to a 6 track EP + remixes by Liar,Druid Cloak and Seafloor coming out next year.

Alexey Devyanin’s body of work under the Pixelord moniker has been quite the colorful tapestry, originating in the now-all-but-defunct Russian future beats movement, but effortlessly uprooting itself and going on to explore other genera of bass music, with little regard to BPM or influence confinement. After last year’s split with Zack Christ, which saw the Muscovite producer tackling profoundly UK, dub-emphatic, on “Tumblr Girl” we see him seemingly take us through a redux of the back-catalogue of his own label, Hyperboloid.

Clocking in at circa 180 BPM, the title track is a DnB-indebted, clickety analogue speed ballad, akin in many ways to the softer side of IDM daddies such as AFX, Squarepusher or Wisp. However, Pixelord’s own personality still heavily comes through, with many throwbacks to his early sonics, and that absolutely inimitable cold, wistful and hopeful emotional charge you only hear from Russian producers.

“Polygon Fane” is one of those jungle/juke hybrids we’ve all come to know and love over the course of the past year. With a romance-montage-derived synth and sultry RnB vocal cuts, the track exists at a crossover point between 80’s and 90’s nostalgia.
On the virtual flipside,8prn’s remix dials the tempo down to 160, for a rattling, submerged, completely unshackled take on melodic future footwork.
Get your fix of tumblr jamz.

Format: Digital
Release date: November 25th


released November 25, 2013


all rights reserved


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