IMSL8 - Seapoint - Lunar Eve

by Seapoint



Rafael Bucio, aka Seapoint, in succession to his masterful B.YRSLF debut, revisits his singular songwriting flair and knack for high-end production for his sophomore effort, this time on Infinite Machine – the "Lunar Eve” EP. His signature vox work and underwater sonics abound.

The title track and opener, “Lunar Eve”, explores the reductionist funk (replete with sparse, but lush chord washes and wanky synth flourishes) some might expect from such Night Slugs alums as Girl Unit, Bok Bok, L-Vis, or Jam City. However, where said heavyweights would unfailingly build towards a climactic, hi-NRG, post-Bmore construction, Rafael eschews a focus on dance music, instead opting for an emotional, reflective take on the formula.

Conversely, this doesn't happen on “Triangle Optics”, where the focus is emphatically the dancefloor. The vox chant “yo, turn the lights on, move, partyin' with me”... There is no ambiguity: Seapoint wants you to work it. The audio backdrop he provides is a soulful, nostalgic house jam, that cleverly switches up into an irresistible UKG/grime number midway. Kon remixes the tune into a bubbly, schizoid, psychedelic rhythm experiment, punctuated and kept together by exuberant, unrelenting chord stabs.

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released May 27, 2013


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