IMSL9 - XS - Over

by XS



Puerto Rican enigma XS debuts via Infinite Machine with his phenomenal „Over”, with likeminded producers ill Life, Kommune1 and Hound Scales on the remix tip.
Blending dub-heavy future garage, R’n’B and muscular techno passages reminiscent of Boddika, Dark Sky or Joy O, XS is nonetheless not really indedbted to anything. With its luscious, ghostly vocals, its lacerating, off-kilter percussion, its brooding chord washes and a playful yet no-nonsense bassline breaking up the darkness at times, „Over” is a puzzlingly accurate affirmation of UK values, from one so firmly over-the-pond.
ill Life reinforces said aesthetic from smack dab in the middle of its country of origin, superimposing a vigorous, subtly distorted beat and engrossing sub-bass over a very tasteful VIP of the original. Kommune1 emphasizes the bassline muscle and creates distance and space for a very vivid and visceral traversal into warehouse techno territory. Hound Scales’ aptly titled ‘Satana’ mix is a clangorous, distorted, anvil-heavy take, maximalist in production and reductionist in arrangement – an unrelenting canonization of four-to-the-floor.

Mastered by Liar
Artwork: Borealis


released May 13, 2013


all rights reserved


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