IM010 - Rommek - It Feels Better to Be Numb EP

by Rommek



The "It Feels Better To Be Numb" EP is 19-year-old Rommek’s debut release, and the tenth installment in Infinite Machine’s catalogue. The Totnes UK-based producer delivers a three-track affair that takes its name from the title track, which samples Janet Jackson’s “Love Will Never Do (Without You)” – many might recognize the vocal from Jamie XX’s “Far Nearer,” but the context in which we find the repeated vocal “I feel better when I have you near me” could not be more different. The spacey, house track is a departure from previous material we’ve seen on Infinite Machine and is undoubtedly oriented towards the dancefloor. “Maisie” tiptoes delicately in the beginning and the focus on intricate instrumentals gives it quieter and more understated feeling than the former track, but the deep bass and lush layers work to create a warm piece that switches seamlessly between a straight 4x4 pulse and an inviting garage shuffle. “Turquoise” brings the diva vocal back into the spotlight and builds an entire atmosphere around it by using driven kicks and claps to set the stage for more and more melodic elements and the supporting sample of “Running down the block” to push the track into bouncing, housey territory that brings to mind recent releases by producers like Jacques Greene.


released April 23, 2012


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