IMSL15 - Kalpa - I'd Stay Here

by Kalpa



17-yo Exeter wunderkind Felix Dobson’s Infinite Machine debut is quite something. At first listen, Kalpa’s sound is a resolutely cohesive melting pot of everything that’s exciting in UK bass music today. With each and every subsequent listen, it just gets better.

On top of a foundation of uptempo, energetic UKG with Top 40 production values, Dobson overlays vocal hooks that could rival Disclosure’s best moments, playfully exuberant basslines that, at times, flirt with acid proclivities, and heavyweight house vibes. Saving the best for last, the finale erupts into a four-to-the-floor, foot-stomping drop, laden with some of the coolest synthwork you’ll hear this year. The most alluring features, however, are the the inventiveness and the ear for detail displayed in the breakneck, ever-surprising arrangement of “I’d Stay Here”. We’d all benefit from staying where Kalpa feels like staying, if his uncannily-veteran productions are anything to go by.

“Le Rêve”, faithful to its title, relaxes the tempo and keeps it dreamy. A Dynamic-esque spacing and flavor pervades throughout, with Felix riding a beach-friendly, jazz-laden, ratchety tech-house beat before rupturing into raspy synthwork at the 2:39 mark, à la Kenton Slash Demon, Headz Up, Justin Martin, and the like.

On the virtual flipside, IM hardliner Liar has fun with his “resax” remix – sax riffs reminiscent of dirtybird’s more jocular, fun-loving moments are interspersed amongst cautiously-eurodance moments, nestled in a diva house shell and wrought upon a plummeting bassline and driving beat wrangled from choice snippets from the original. Consequently, Infinite Machine is proud to (albeit belatedly) present its flagship summer jam.


released October 14, 2013

Artwork by Borealis
Mastered by Liar


all rights reserved


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