IMSL16 - G​-​23 - Die Elektrik

by G-23



Italian tech-head and Black Nite label don G-23 creates lucrative synergy – synchronously expanding overseas and reinforcing Infinite Machine’s warehouse techno ranks with his hard-hitting 2-track IM EP.

"Die Elektrik” is a mechanical and meticulous exercise in 4/4 ferocity. Overdriven, yet spatious 909 drumming, industrial sound design and menacing atmosphere unrelentingly carve a space for G-23 in the anti-drop realm of techno, echoing forerunners such as Blawan, Clouds, J. Tijn, Truss, Perc, and so on.

"War Drums”, conversely, sees G-23 joining the likes of Aquarian, Maelstrom, Kry Wolf et al. in creating 2013 electro that, while updating the production values, effectively captures the syncopated doom & gloom and dystopian proclivities of the old-schoolers. Reverberating, sunken synth hits punctuate the track akin to a morbid countdown, while unintelligible whispers corrode at one’s sense of security. Fear is the mindhealer, as far as G-23 is concerned.

Listen. Learn.


released September 12, 2013

Artwork by Borealis
Mastered by Liar


all rights reserved


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