IMSL19 - XS - Spex

by XS



XS’s sophomore Infinite Machine offering is the boldest statement in the Puerto Rican anon’s discography. Discarding the vocal, melodic respite of the preceding „Over”, he takes us through a vigorous future techno workout.

"Spex” channels the work of the likes of Bambounou and Dark Sky to dancefloor-devastating effect. A steady 4/4 kick holds the reins while a rhythmic whirlwind of stumbling woodblocks and stammering bass tugs at them. Junglist pads then bleed through, their atonally-soulful progression inducing stasis in the listener, before abruptly deffering to a second wave of tech assault.

"Rhoda” is, conversely, steady, gridlocked and unrelenting. Washes of either sinister or alien melody ebb and flow, machine-speak punctuates key moments, acidic leanings permeate, the kick beats steadily to crushing effect, and the syncopated rattle of bassy percussion never lets go.

XS. IM. 2014.
Fight on.


released December 30, 2013

Mastered by Liar and Lancor
Artwork by Borealis


all rights reserved


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