IMSL5 - Druid Cloak - Athene's Hollow

by Druid Cloak



The elusive Druid Cloak returns with his sophomore EP, Athene's Hollow, for Infinite Machine. The EP consists of 3 original tracks and 3 club ready remixes from Seapoint, Slick Shoota & Shackles. Athene opens the effort with a dreamy reverberated percussion line, placing you into the world Druid Cloak wishes to create. A world populated with strong low end vibes and otherworldly combinations of vocal, synth and drum. Borrowing from golden era hip-hop, drum and bass, and classic vocal jazz, among many others, Druid Cloak assembles something freshly textured, emotional and undefineable. Blue Flame. Part club worthy, part dreamy R&B ballad. The composition tethers reverb-laden vocals to strong sub bass, aquatic percussion, and raw arpeggiator lines to one another to build into an epic finish. Night Touch shifts gears into a lighthearted, soulful and funky love song. Modded vocal cuts and spacey synths shift the track into a deeper sultry and robust territory where Druid Cloak places the listener to await his next effort. Druid Cloak maintains his mysterious demeanor and drifts us between dark and light in this surreal, lush and seemingly unattainable world with the all too familiar concept of love.

The remix treatments all bring Athene's Hollow closer to the club. Seapoint's take on Athene combines hard hitting percussion with broken chops of the original version, dusted with funky leads to build a spacious, familiar and refreshing recreation. Blue Flame is blessed by both Slick Shoota and Shackles. Shackles presents the listener with a phantasmic trap inspired delight perfect for big rooms. Deep 808's work the track into an energetic tool for any party. Slick Shoota, the Juggernaut of Juke, brings a hyperspeed juke touch to the original that will kill the peak time set while still staying true to the original.

Artwork by: Myhead
Mastered by: Liar


released March 18, 2013


all rights reserved


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